Factory Tour

Tea manufacture. Happening live

You’ll see it all - right from when the leaf is brought into the factory for withering, to the rolling, drying and shifting stages. . . until the tea grains are poured into jute bags for shipment.

An exciting journey in itself.

A glimpse at some of the machines at work

The tea passes over a perforated, stainless steel sheet of dimensions 21/4 ft x 16 ft. Hot air produced by a heater enters through the bottom of the sheet, keeping the tea in constant motion, making it appear like a liquid. Hence the name - Fluid bed drier.

The drying process takes 16 minutes.


The Rotorvane consists of stainless steel ‘vanes’ and gunmetal resistors. The leaf, while passing through this machine, is crushed and the juices extracted. The leaf, soaked in its juices, comes out of the Rotorvane and enters the CTC machines.

Leaf to Tea