Take a walk down history lane - soak in the events and circumstances in history that moulded the Tea industry; absorb the social customs and traditions that various cultures observed with regard to Tea; get a glimpse into what life is like on a Tea plantation...

Information on tea presented like never before, it’ll amaze both children and adults alike.

Tea culture in Europe

Tea quickly proved popular enough to replace ale as the national drink of England

Tea in the Orient

The story of tea began in ancient China more than 5000 years ago.

Tea in Japan, was elevated to an art form, resulting in the formation of the Japanese tea ceremony, Cha-no-yu or

The cultural/artistic hostesses of Japan, the Geishi specialised in the presentation of the tea ceremony!

America & Tea

The Boston Party stands as an interesting landmark in the history of tea relations among the then wealthy nations of the world. It was after this incident that every patriotic American gave up drinking tea and instead switched to coffee!

Credit for the first manufacture of tea in the Nilgiris goes to Mr Mann.

Origins of Tea in India

Long before the commercial production of Tea started in India in the late 1830’s, the tea plant was growing wild in the jungles of North East Assam.

“First public sale East Indian teas held at No 2, Mission Row” Calcutta

Calcutta Exchange Gazette
Dec 25, 1861

Tea in the Nilgiris

Chinese prisoners were brought to the Nilgiris to work in the early plantations

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway provided the vital link between tea plantations in the Nilgiris and the rest of the world.

The plantation Manager.